Well Being

The Wisdom of our Body . . . in Union with our Mind
= Unlimited Potential
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Welcome to Integrative Well Being

Bowenwork . Thai Massage . Bioenergetics/E-Motion . Hatha Yoga

How our body expresses our history and development
fascinates me. My path includes a wide spectrum of learning
from the esoteric to the practical. My own growth and experience
with others continues to teach me the wisdom and health within
expands when we connect deeply with our body.

Let's explore together . . . and unfold your potential

Kathryn MacKenzie   BSc, CTM, PBP, RYT
Rochester  MI
248. 420. 4755

Integrative Well Being offers you a choice of services and the flexibility
to experience a combination of therapies specific to your special needs.

Our body is the wisest organism on the planet, it functions to survive ... our mind on the other hand,
has a way of interfering with our body wisdom. As we explore and reconnect to our body, letting
the mind be secondary, we allow our body to reset back to a state of health and well-being.
Patterns of stress held in our body, unconscious and conscious, release, and our spontaneous
natural Self is free to experience the richness of life. This SELF not only survives, it thrives!
Integrative Well Being is about experiencing life from this enlivened place.
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"We must be steady enough in ourselves, to be open
and to let the winds of life blow through us, to be
our breath, our inspiration; to breathe with them,
mobile and soft in the limberness of our bodies,
in our agility, our ability, as it were, to dance,
and yet to stand upright..." 
~Mary Caroline Richards
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Empowering Change Through Self Love ...
A monthly gathering of women sharing, supporting and growing together
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An awesome place to form new connections, find support and be heard and seen for who you really are. We listen to each other...acknowledging our similarities and accepting our differences. Find the inspiration to explore new ways of being, thinking and doing. This group is truly heartfelt!
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Integrative Well Being sessions assist you to-

Deepen breathing and increase awareness
Develop your ability to be present

Be with your sensations; giving your body the time and attention to make adjustments

Reinstate patterns of health; heal discomfort
and dis-ease

Listen and honor your inner wisdom

Manage stress, anxiety and depression

Increase your strength, balance, flexibility and vitality

Enhance your capacity to respond, not react to life

Integrative Well Being sessions:

Sessions integrate E-Motion/Bioenergetic exercises with Bowenwork. Learn tools to reduce stress in daily life. Clients report feeling very relaxed and enlivened.

Bioenergetics / E-Motion exercise
Hatha Yoga classes & private instruction
Professional Advanced Bowen Practitioner
Bowenwork sessions
Thai Massage

Integrative Well Being is for you. . . whether working with a health issue, healing trauma, moving through a life transition, expanding self-knowledge or maintaining your well-being.

Sessions encourage experiencing deeper self-awareness, balance and aliveness. Sharing with another, a facilitator and witness, accelerates your growth and expands your ability to express your potential.
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 Increase Your Vitality
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 Kathryn MacKenzie BSc, CTM, PBP, RYT

      248. 420. 4755

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